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5 Simple Exercises for Shoulder Pain Relief

by | Health

Aug 4, 2022

Shoulder pain is a common complaint. Aching shoulders, some discomfort when we roll our shoulder joints or perform certain movements, can be a result of bad posture. Bad posture puts our spine in an awkward position, transferring pressure to certain superficial and deep muscles. Hence, the pain. Here are a couple of exercises that can offer shoulder pain relief.

1. Arm Raises

This exercise comprises a series of movements that require the shoulder muscles and the rotator cuffs. Works effectively in offering shoulder pain relief, as it targets the hurting muscles and soothes them. 

To do the arms raise: 

  • Stand with both your feet flat on the ground. They shouldn’t be too far apart. A couple of paces—one or two—is just fine. 
  • Place your arms by your side. 
  • Now, without flexing or extending your elbow joint, raise your arms towards the ceiling slowly. 
  • Return to the start position. 
  • Raise. Drop. Raise. Drop. Over and over until you start to feel some stretching. 

Watch a demonstration video here.

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2. Shoulder Rolls

As the name implies, this exercise basically rolls your shoulders, working on the deeper muscles of your shoulder and posterior neck. 

When you do the shoulder roll, you may feel some pressure on your shoulders as well as around your trapezius muscle. 

  • Stand erect, your feet flat on the ground, your palms beside you. 
  • Begin to roll your shoulders. The movement appears something like a very deep shrug. If you have got some weights, then you just might hold some—not too heavy weights, though. 
  • Roll and keep rolling until you feel some stretching. 

Watch a demonstration on YouTube here.

3. Neck Roll

This works for both neck and shoulder discomfort and is quite easy to perform. 

Stand with your feet flat on the ground. Your arms should be at your side, your palms touching your thighs. 

Begin to roll your neck in repetitive movements: 

  • Move your neck to the right until you feel some stretching. The stretching is from the trapezius muscle.  
  • Roll your neck to the right until there is also some stretching. Repeat the movements over and over. 

Watch a demonstration on YouTube here.

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4. Arm Scissors

Like the ones above, this exercise works on the muscles of the shoulder, arm, and posterior area of the back. 

  • You have to stand erect with your feet flat on the ground. 
  • Spread your arms apart. 
  • They (your arms) should not be flexed at the elbow. They should out like the wings of a plane.
  • Bring the arms together, and scissor them, one above the other. Do this long enough, and you will feel some stretching. 

If it seems too easy, hold light weights in your hands—these will make the exercise a little bit more difficult to perform.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

5. Trapezius Stretch

The trapezius muscle is one of the powerful muscles that move the shoulder blade. If it is put under a lot of pressure, it will hurt. 

The trapezius stretch is going to offer some relief. 

  • Sit erect. 
  • Move your right ear to your right shoulder. 
  • Stay that way for a while.
  • Repeat with the other ear.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.

By Ubong Johnson

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert, medical student, and writer. He writes articles which cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works of short fiction have appeared in several literary magazines including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.


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