50 Love Letters That Will Make Him Cry

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Mar 17, 2022

As a loving partner, you can show love to your man at all times, and sometimes you can express your affection through romantic love letters that have the power to make him cry. These love letters will help you achieve and maintain a unique bond with your man.

You can make him cry with any of these 50 love letters: 

1. Sometimes, I randomly think about you and smile hard. Especially when I get into an uncomfortable situation. You bring so much joy into my life. I love you.

2. You make things really easy, and I could never ask for better. Thank you for being a part of my life.

3. I have only been away from you for twenty minutes, yet it feels like a part of me is missing. It makes me adore each moment I spend with you.

4. I love that you never raise your voice at me; that you treat me with respect. I don’t want this to ever stop. It can keep going on for as long as forever lasts.

5. I see how much you put in for this to work. And I don’t take it for granted. I love you.

6. If a genie asks me to make a request, I’ll ask that I meet you over and over if I happen to be born many times. Meeting you is the best thing that’s happened to me.

7. You know what I wish for? I wish I could become a better person and love you more because you deserve all the love in the world.

8. You should smile some more. I sit here and stare into this picture you took days ago. It is making me smile too. If happiness had a face, it’d be yours.

9. I just want you to know I’ll be here to listen to you whenever you want. I want to be your safety, just as you are mine.

10. I hope this lasts forever. Because every moment I spend with you adds a layer of happiness to my heart.

11. It is true. I have been a better person since you came into my life. I owe most of this to you.

12. Are you stressed? Think of me, and think of all this we have built. It works to make me happy. It should work for you too.

13. You shouldn’t worry much about the future, you know? I’ll be here by you each step of the way, and we’ll become even more amazing than we are right now.

14. I have spent the last five minutes trying to describe what I feel when you touch me. I can’t seem to. How does a person describe magic?

15. I wish I was there to tease you right now. You deserve everything good and shouldn’t let anything or anyone stress you out.

16. Of all the things I won’t let go of, I won’t let you go the most. You are the best there is.


17. I may not be perfect, but I love you more than anything there is, and I would give up so much for this thing we share.

18. You should smile more. If not for anything, then because you are the single most amazing person in the world.

19. I never really understood what it meant or felt like for a person to be loved truly until I met you.

20. Love has never felt the way it feels with you. Now, I wish I had known you the day I was born.

21. How are you everything? One morning you are my best friend, and the next, you are my lover, and the next, you are my family.

22. I can’t say thank you enough no matter how hard I tried. Thank you, not for the gifts and any of that: thank you, for the gift of you.

23. I like that you make it so easy to talk to you. I don’t have to walk on eggshells or curl into a ball. I just have to talk, and you listen.

24. I want to look you in the eye soon and tell you how amazing you are.

25. You’ll make a good father, you know? Sometimes I think of the future and smile at how great it’s going to look with you in it.

26. I am learning to become a better person, pushing myself to limits just so I can love you better for all the love you show me.

27. I have not once regretted this thing we share. It is beautiful; and seems too good to be true. But it really is true: you aren’t an alien or something. You are real, and you’re here with me.

28. Somehow, you are now in everything I do. I walk past a store and think about what to get you. I hop on a bus and look to see if you are there. And I wake up at night and reach for you. I love you.

29. I have been thinking, seeking to know why I really love you. There really is no reason. I guess this is how I know our love is true.

30. Remember the day you asked me out? Saying yes to that question has been the best yes I have ever said in my life.

31. Keep your head up, King. Your Queen’s right here beside you. And soon, we’ll be surrounded by cute little princes and princesses.

32. Sometimes, I wish I could just walk up to you and ask you to buy you whatever you want. I hope that day comes because I do want to get you whatever you want.


33. Being around you has changed the way I see the world. The world has since become to me a beautiful place, just as beautiful as your smile.

34. When it gets hard, remember that I love you and am always here to talk.

35. I am always here to talk whenever you want me. Nothing you say is too small or insignificant. Your feelings are valid, and I relate to them.

36. I want that smile on your face to never fade, no matter what goes wrong.

37. If you ever feel alone, remember that I am here for and with you. With me, you really are never alone.

38. I will always stay loyal to you no matter what. No one will ever get to me the way you do.

39. One day, I hope to talk to remind you how this all started while our kids play around.

40. It gets better with you. One always knows what to expect around you, and it is the best.

41. Kiss me when I am back. I love you very much.

42. Someone has asked why I have been happier. They say I even look better. Do I tell them that it’s all been you?

43. I just want to love you the way you want to be loved. That’s what I want from you.

44. You make me feel like a mother sometimes. And this is a good thing. I will always love you.

45. The other day, when you were moody, I wanted to let you know that I felt it too but decided to keep my cool. Now, I am telling you. Your moods affect me more than you know, and it’s because I love you very much. This is why you should always be happy. For me.

46. Random message just to remind you that you are stuck with me, stuck in heaven.

47. Soon, all of this is going to pay off, and it’ll not matter then how much we have worked for this.

48. I promise to stay with you as long as you want because staying makes me happy; it brings out the best in me.


49. Let me love you.

50. I hope you don’t get tired of hearing this: I love you.

Bottom Line

For your love and affection to hit the right spot in your man’s heart, you need to express it. One way of communicating and expressing your love is using these love letters that will make him cry. When your affection is real, your face will also show it, and it may move your man to respond in the most lovely way possible (make him cry). Although no one can buy genuine affection, a letter with romantic words sent at the right time from the heart can be very noteworthy.

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