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10 Simple Ways to Look your Best

by | Self-Improvement

Aug 16, 2022

Do you know you can always be on your best look? That is, rock everything you put on and exude the elegance that makes heads turn. It all lies in changing simple things in your head and in your behavior. 

GoodHealthRecipe rounded up 10 simple ways to help you look your best at work, at home, or out and about.

1. Give Your Body Enough Rest

Stress has such a huge impact on our body function and appearance. The body wants to rest when it is tired. Deny it some rest, and you may begin to look less ‘bright’ and appealing. 

Nights without proper rest can have you end up with a swollen face and eye bags. And chronic stress can have you to gain a lot of weight. 

Stress has been linked to weight gain; during chronic stress, the body releases a hormone called cortisol from the adrenal glands, which sit on the kidney. Cortisol has a huge impact on a person’s appetite and cravings, so one who is heavily stressed just wants to have more food. 

2. Stay Hydrated

The body is composed mainly of fluids. And essentially, all body systems will take hits when you deny yourself just enough fluid—including even your skin. 

Noticed how irritable you feel when you go long without having water? That is your body saying: “Hello, I want some fluid.” 

Some people might even feel hungry if they don’t take water for long. This is called water hunger—here, the satiety centers in your midbrain interpret thirst to be hunger. 

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3. Diet

What you eat determines how you are going to look. You simply can’t look your best when you don’t eat the right things. Sooner or later, poor dietary choices will start to show up in your body. 

Excess weight is always linked to excess consumption of calories. A calorie is the unit of measurement of energy stored in food. Some foods contain a lot, much more than your body needs, and others contain just enough. 

Stick to foods that contain just enough energy for you. Especially ones that are loaded with dietary vitamins and minerals and proteins. 

If you can, make yourself a diet plan and try as much as you can to stick to it. 

4. Good Baths and Often

You should take regular baths if you are trying to look your best. When we go long without taking baths, oil builds up on our skins and can have an impact on how the skin appears. 

Many people who don’t take regular baths admit to looking darker than they used to be. Use a mild soap. 

The rule of the thumb is that you should bathe whenever you start to feel sticky and uncomfortable. Bath after exercises—in the morning, and then in the evenings. 

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5. Exercise

You have to keep your body in shape. Being even slightly overweight can affect how you look in your clothes. In the same way, being fit will make you simply look your best. 


You should perform cardio exercises at least twice a week. And you should do targeted exercises regularly too. Exercises that target your arms and legs may give you that confident look, especially in women. 

Many men struggle with looking their best because of beer bellies. If you are one of those, then please check out these articles on how to lose your beer belly and get your natural flat belly back

6. Feel Happy Feelings

What you feel affects your looks to an extent. We can usually tell when someone is unhappy by just looking at their face. An unhappy person simply doesn’t look their best. 

They could look a lot better if they found a way to put a smile on their face. And smiles come naturally when we focus on the positives around us instead of the negativities. 

Look around. There is a lot to be grateful for and smile about. Get into that zone, and become the person who smiles. Makes you look bright and attractive, and confident. 

If you are dealing with stress, it might make you feel unhappy regularly—the best thing to do now is to give yourself a break and rest. Take some time out and hang with friends or family. 

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7. Your Posture and Gait

Your posture goes a long way to affect your looks. If there is anything you should not be found doing, then it should be putting your spine in a position where it is stressed. 

We usually experience the effects of bad posture in areas where the spine curves—around the neck and shoulders, and bad posture leads to pain and discomfort—the same thing with the lower back. Don’t slouch. 

Also, improve your gait. Walk confidently, without rushing your steps. Take your time to look and feel quite better.

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8. Skin Care

You can’t run from this one. Your skin needs all the care it can get. So, by all means, please don’t neglect it. 

Your first task should be eliminating all sources of harshness to your skin. This will mean discontinuing all ‘skin care products that pose a direct threat to your skin. Products that promise to bleach or make you lighter fall under this category. Sooner or later, they will harm your skin. 

It will also mean refusing to spend hours in the sun without having your skin guarded by sunscreens. We are not saying avoid the sun. Sunlight is necessary for vitamin D synthesis. What we are saying is: if you must be in the sun, then protect your skin. 

The second task should be using products that are great for you and taking regular baths. 

9. Your Hair

Your hair is usually one of the first things people notice about you. Surely, it deserves some attention. Give it that. Choose a hairstyle that makes you look sharp and confident. 


And, if you keep a beard, be sure to trim this beard often—as often as it gets bushy. 

Here are a few short hairstyles for working-class women.

10. Put on clothes you love!

Suitable clothing enhances your appearance. You look your best when you are neat, clean, and well-groomed, and the clothes you wear are great. 

Also, dress with the season. Different climates, seasons, and circumstances may affect what you wear. To look your best, wear something you love and, at the same time, something that goes with the season.


You can always look your best—you just have to pay attention to your mind and your body! 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at GoodHealthRecipe, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.


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