6 Subtle Signs it’s Time to Let Go of the Relationship

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Jun 5, 2022

So you’ve been in your relationship a good while, and you’re thinking it’s time to let go of the relationship because you’ve noticed things are dwindling. Maybe you don’t feel loved anymore, maybe things are not the way they are supposed to be, or perhaps you feel like the relationship is not moving in the direction you want anymore.

Even the most beautiful things meet their end—sunflowers wilt, beautiful trees fall, and relationships split. Just as holding on to a wilting sunflower isn’t going to make it live any longer, holding on to a dying relationship may not be a perfect idea. It is only going to cause you stress and uncertainty. 

But how do you know if it’s time to let go of the relationship? Here are a few subtle signs that it might be time for you to let go of the relationship.

1. Your Partner Have Simply Just Changed

Oh, I do not mean the glaring kind of changes. I mean the subtle changes. The kind you might have even overlooked when they first started to happen.

It is time to let go when you find yourself saying things like: “I don’t understand him anymore. He is not the person he used to be. I wish he stays longer at work.” 

Move on. Except your partner is going through stuff, they most probably won’t go back to being that person anymore. 

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2. Everything is a Contest

Another sign that a relationship has reached its end is that everything becomes a contest. 

You say something wrong, and an argument erupts. You say the right thing, and an argument erupts nonetheless. 

It becomes as though you are walking on eggshells in your relationship. When this becomes the norm, it’s time to let go of the relationship. 

This toxicity isn’t something you want to manage. Don’t even think about it. You can’t manage it. I mean, you can try. But for how long? How long will you be fine keeping your feelings repressed because even the slightest thing as saying something is going to piss your partner off so much that they lose their cool? I assure you, not long. Just let it go.

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3. They Have Talked About a Break Up Before

If your partner talks about ending things at any point in your relationship, that is them waving a big red flag to your face. 

This is especially true if they always bring this up whenever you are fighting. 

Your partner may not talk about it directly, though. They’ll go for the indirect approach most times. 

You could catch them saying things like: 

  • I miss being single 
  • I wish I weren’t dating you

You know, stuff that hints at their being tired. 

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4. Disillusionment Has Driven a Wedge Between You and Your Partner

This is one of the perfect signs that the relationship is reaching its end, and you should let go of everything. 

It’s probably time to let go of the relationship if you can now go extended periods without speaking to each other. Both of you start feeling more like cell mates than partners. 

Healthy relationships rely on communication—and you can’t communicate with a partner who isn’t present. That is, someone who doesn’t want to speak with you. 

If your partner goes too long without reaching out or trying to find out how you are doing, that is them saying that they don’t care about you that much anymore. They are saying they are happier without all your problems. 

They are saying that they are tired and you should let them be. I can go on and on and on. 

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5. You Think There is Someone Else

And there are signs that there is someone. This one is self-explanatory. Want to fight someone else over your partner’s love and attention? You do not want that. It’s better if you let go of the relationship.

6. You Don’t Look Forward to Seeing Them Anymore

Remember how you always look forward to their return from work. Or how you always look forward to seeing your partner at home when you return from work. Now, you become sad just from the thought that you’re going to see them soon—that they will be coming back, or you will be going home to them.

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7. Irreconcilable Differences

Before, it was easy for both you and your partner to overlook differences. But now, nothing seems to work. Little differences that were once merely seen as an annoyance may now seem unbearable.

You become angry at your partner because they turn the TV volume up a little bit too much. Instead of just simply telling them to reduce the volume, you shouted at them. In like manner, your partner shouted at you for switching on the washing machine when they are about to have a nap.

When little things like these make you guys very aggressive, just know that the time has come to let go of the relationship.

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