10 Sexy Things Women Do That Turn Guys On

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Mar 28, 2022

When a woman turns a guy on, their chemistry can be electric. That is why figuring out the sexy things women do that turn guys on can help you increase the chemistry you both share and make him yearn for you even more.

The feminine and the masculine are like opposite poles of a magnet. They would always attract each other, sometimes even without effort. If you spend a lot of time with guys, such that they become comfortable around you, you will get to see this. Some woman a guy has not met before might just do as little as walk past, or flip her hair, or maybe even flash a smile or speak to some other stranger, and the guy immediately thinks she is sexy. He immediately felt attracted to and turned on by her. 

Do you think this just happens? Well, it does not. Check out these ten things women do that turn guys on: 

1. Smiling Turns Guys On

A smile, whatever kind—full smile, a half-smile, anything is able to turn a man on. When you smile, you create an aura of warmth around you. If you walk into a room filled with people whose faces have been tightened into scary-looking frowns, you will immediately feel terrified and will pull the door back shut. You won’t go into that room again.

Whereas if you walked into a room filled with people whose smiles shone on your face, you will feel warm and welcome and might hang around there more.  

Remember I said that the masculine is definitely attracted to the feminine. A smile exudes feminine essence. It shows that the woman is happy, and happy people know how to nurture stuff. 

When you smile a lot, your feminine essence pulls on a masculine man because he can tell that you will be welcoming. He can tell that you are happy in your own skin. He starts to get pretty attracted to you and soon finds that you turn him on. 

Learn to smile flirtatiously sometimes, especially around the guy you will like to turn on. Do not make it too obvious that you are trying to flirt with him if you suspect that he won’t be welcoming to the idea.

Jessika Golle and co-authors examine the interrelationship between attractiveness and emotional expression. In a series of studies, they revealed that the intensity of a smiling face strongly influences attractiveness. Also, a smile could even compensate for relative unattractiveness.

2. Listening Turns Guys On

One of the best things a man can have is someone—a woman, who listens to him. Many men admit that they feel alone sometimes, with no one to listen to them. They say that many people take their problems lightly when they talk about them and sometimes give them the; “Be a man” line.

Barton Goldsmith encourages talking to someone about your problem. He says that refusing to talk about a problem can be a burden on a relationship.

While it may seem like men are macho and don’t want to talk, the opposite is usually true. Like all human beings, men crave a connection that offers them the chance to be vulnerable. They want to talk about the little details of their lives, laugh about the little things, and find closure from talking about their hurt.

A woman who listens to a man is such a turn-on to him because, by listening to him, she nurtures his interest and soothes his emotions. Remember, the ability to nurture, at its core, is an irresistible feminine trait. It sure turns the masculine on.

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3. Say Hero Instinct Phrases

Have you ever heard someone say stuff like this? 

  • You are the best
  • You make things seem really easy
  • I believe in you so much
  • You are so strong, etc.

These phrases are called hero instinct phrases and are capable of turning men on. In his book, James Bauer, a relationship coach and writer suggests that men are biologically wired to feel like heroes.

This is true. Heroes have a lot to be envied for. They are loved and appreciated and celebrated. Men want to feel this way. 

When you tell a man hero phrases, you create an aura where his masculinity can thrive. Of course, by telling him you believe in him and making him feel like a hero, you are saying that you consider him a great leader. Men want to lead; they want to give themselves up for their women. 


Your hero instinct phrases will turn him on and have him attached to you in no time. Be creative when you play around with these phrases. Be genuine, too, such that he doesn’t feel like you are only deceiving him. 

Men do not like to be lied to. It backfires. 

4. Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability is such a turn on for men. In the same way, they want to be vulnerable to women. They also want to be vulnerable to him. How many times have you heard a man flare up about a woman, saying things like: “She doesn’t even talk to me.”? 

If you are some kind of relationship counselor, you would have heard it a lot. When a woman becomes vulnerable around a man, she is expressing her trust in him. It takes a lot of trust for a person to be vulnerable, you know? 

And we don’t just trust anything. By trusting a man, you are falling into your feminine essence. You are telling him that you are willing to be led by him, thereby letting his masculine essence grow. 

Remember that it is his masculine essence that makes him turned on by the feminine. If it is suppressed or threatened, he will not be turned on by you. Instead, he will be completely turned off. He will avoid you a lot. 

Talk to him. Tell him your deepest fears and your desires, let him see through you. It is sure going to turn him on.

5. Asking for Help

It takes a lot of strength and humility to ask a person for help. This is such a turn-on for men—humility. Though women may sometimes be turned on by healthy ego and arrogance because it offers a healthy environment for their feminity to thrive, men seem to be turned on by the opposite. 

Men love and are turned on by a woman who is humble because she exudes her feminine essence in this way. If you are seeking to know the things women do that turn guys on, then know that asking for help certainly does. Ask for his help, even in the little things, especially in the little things. With work. With the meaning of a word. 

6. Be Confident

Confidence, you see, sharpens a woman’s feminity. Men love it when a woman is confident in her abilities. They love it when they are confident with their bodies. They love it when women are confident all round. 

On a woman, confidence can be seen in many ways. It can be seen in the way she dresses. Do you notice how guys see a woman and are immediately get turned on by her appearance? That’s what confidence does. It can also be seen in the way she walks; women who are confident walk confidently; they do not fidget or walk as if they are being watched. 

They also sit in a confident way. In many cultures around the world, women are taught how to sit confidently. They are taught to sit in a proper way and all, just so their feminine sideshows. 

Around a man, try to be confident if you want to turn him on. Sit erect. Cross your legs if you want. Don’t avoid his eyes. Look right into them when there is a need to. 

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7. Speak in A Feminine Way

The tone of a voice tells a lot about a person’s mood and sometimes his or her personality. If someone walked into the room screaming, we would know that he was upset. 

One of the sexy things that turn a man on is the tone of a woman’s voice. Just the way deep voices and masculine voices turn women on, men are turned on by seemingly light and feminine voices.


A feminine voice pulls on his masculine form and causes him to feel intense attraction, thus turning him on. 

8. Nice Scent is a Turn-On for Guys

Women love it when men put on nice cologne. In the very way, men love it when women scent nicely. We may not be lower animals who are turned on solely by scent.

Sex definitely has an impact on attraction. We will never be turned on by someone who does not smell nice. To turn on a man:

  1. Make sure you are clean and scent well.
  2. Wear good and feminine perfumes.
  3. Wear some makeup too if you love to. 

9. Dancing Turns Men On

Dancing is a form of art. And like all art, it appeals to people. 

A woman’s dancing turns men on because it makes her seem really happy and gives them the impression that she is fun to have around. They want to have fun with people around them, you know? 

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10. Working Out is a Turn-On for Guys

Men definitely are turned on by women who work out. Working out means she is consistent at achieving a goal and takes her body seriously. Plus, women who work out appear really good and confident when they put on clothes. It just looks good. 

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