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10 Tips for A Curvy-Shaped Butt

by | Self-Improvement

Jun 22, 2022

A curvy-shaped butt will sure make you feel better about yourself. Now, you can rock those dresses in style and stun everyone with your elegance. Here are five tips for a curvier butt.

1. Lose Some Weight

A fat butt doesn’t necessarily mean a curvy butt. A fat butt, you see, can just be that: fat. In the way that a man’s chest can just be fat but not thick or curvy. 

A curvy butt has this roundness and smoothness that comes with muscle density. 

The butt, you see, is a group of muscles called the gluteal muscles. They are a powerful group of muscles that attach your pelvis to your femur.

Over these muscles, there is a layer of fat called subcutaneous fat. I like to consider this layer of fat the icing on the cake. While it gives the butt some fineness, in the end, the cake is deep down. It is the actual muscle. 

For a curvier butt, you’ll have to lose some fat over your gluteal muscles and develop some thickness there. 

A great way to lose fat there is to lose fat all over. That is, everywhere else in your body if you think you might be overweight. Do cardio exercises as much as you can, and stick to using up more calories than you store. 

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2. Climb the Stairs as Often as Possible

This may seem at first like something you want to overlook. But it is not. Climbing stairs involves walking against gravity—that is, walking up. 

During an activity like this, the muscles around your pelvis work more than they normally would when you are only walking on a flat surface. This means they will be stretched past what they are used to, resulting in an increase in size. 

The body works in a beautiful way. Muscles, and organs alike, grow bigger when more demand is put on them. This is why your arms grow when you lift some weights. 

Put some more demand on your gluts, and they sure will grow bigger, taking on a curvier appearance. 

3. Ride a Bicycle

A simple trick I will fill anyone trying to get curvier but in on is: get a bicycle. And ride as often as you can. 

Like walking on stairs, cycling places demand on the muscles of your legs and gluteal region. This is especially if you are riding up a hill. Typically, after rides, you may likely feel some kind of dull discomfort in these areas.

This is your muscles handling some resistance, which will make them have a curvier appearance. Cycling is also a great cardio exercise and can help you lose some weight

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4. Glute Bridge

The glute bridge is a perfect exercise if you have just begun exercising for a curvy and firm butt. During this exercise, there is a lot of resistance against your hips and gluteal muscles. They have to do some work overcoming this resistance, growing bigger and curvier in the process.

To do the glute bridge, all you have to do is lay down flat on your back, your knees angled, and your feet flat on the ground. Put your arms flat on the ground beside you. 


Stiffening the muscles around your abdomen and around your hips, move your hips off the ground. Move just your hips and abdomen. Your shoulder and neck, and head should remain on the floor. 

Do this as many times as you can until you begin to feel some pressure. 

5. Walking Lunges

The best kind of walking lunge for a curvy-shaped butt is the walking lunge with weights. 

If you do not have classic weights, improvise with two objects of the same size and weight. 

Holding them in each hand, put your arms beside you. Keep your feet a short distance apart. 

Now, begin your lunges. For a forward lunge, lower your right knee until there is a small space between the knee and the ground. Make sure the knee is parallel to the ground. Now, move forward with your right leg, putting the right knee in the very way you put the left. 

Do this over and over until there is some pressure. 

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6. Donkey Kicks

More than many regular butt exercises, the donkey kick puts resistance against the three main gluteal muscles. It is a great exercise to have your upper butt area firmer and curvier. 

To do the donkey kick, take your first stance on all fours—hands completely flat on the ground just beneath your shoulders. Your knees should be apart from each other. 

Kick your feet back now. Ever seen a horse kick something away? You are to do something like that. 

Kick slowly so that your muscles have enough time to feel the pressure. 

7. Squats

Squats are a common butt exercise. Easily overlooked, yes. Ineffective, no. 

The best squat for a curvy-shaped butt is squats against some weights. 

Hold some weights in your hands, or maybe even put a knapsack over your back and do the regular squats. 

Do it for as long as you can. With squats, the number of reps matters a lot.


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8. Have Lots of Protein-Rich Foods

Building muscle around your butt isn’t dependent on the exercises alone. You have to do some dieting also. 

Eat protein-rich meals as often as possible and have fewer fats and processed foods. 

Rich sources of protein include: 

  • Eggs 
  • Fish
  • Beans and legumes
  • Dairy products
  • Poultry

Have lots of fruit too. And if your doctor agrees, have some iron supplements. The rounded butt you need will start to show over time. 

9. Rest

Exercises are going to put a lot of demand on your body. This means you will have to rest more. 

If you are a late sleeper, try to sleep earlier now. Become a fan of afternoon naps. Don’t have snacks before you sleep. Instead, eat healthy fruit and/or have some protein-rich drink like the Greek Yoghurt.

10. Show your curvy-shaped butt off! Maybe literally. But we mean: be confident.

Photo by Lauren Richmond on Unsplash

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals.


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