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Why is It Better to Eat Homemade Meals?

by | Nutrition

Jan 23, 2023

Everyone talks about how much better it is to eat homemade meals. The big question is: why is it better to do that? Why do the meals we prepare at home get a pass, whereas purchased foods do not? In this article, we explore why it is better for you to eat homemade meals.

1. They are More Hygienic

When it comes to good hygiene, you should only trust what you see. If you do not see when the food is being prepared, you are better off believing it was prepared in unhygienic conditions. 

You can only trust the food you prepare yourself. This is if you are careful enough to wash and steam everything properly, such that every pathogen is removed before the food enters your system. (Read: 5 Carbs to Avoid (or Limit) for Weight Loss)

2. Home Made Food isn’t Usually Heavily Processed

When food is too processed, it is usually bad for you. Many of the processing agents out there are known carcinogens, capable of causing cancers. And fast foods use a lot of them. You will be surprised how much seasoning you find in just a few grams of junk. 

You are better off making your food yourself and sticking to what your body needs. (Read: 6 Healthiest Cooking Oils (And 5 Oils To Avoid))

3. Homemade Food is Made For You

The truth is we all have different dietary needs. Someone who has heart failure, for example, especially heart failure related to heart disease, does not need to have much salt. This means they are better off cooking their own meals and seasoning them to their health demands. 

The same goes for people who may have blood sugar problems. You will have to cook your own food your own way. 

People who have problems making their own food may not be open-minded enough. Cooking is great, I tell you, and this is especially if you find a way to make it very enjoyable. 

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4. Home Made Food is Fresher

Some foods only yield their nutrients when they are fresh. This is especially true about leafy vegetables. This means you had better only stick with eating freshly prepared food. 

I know that most fast foods agree to cook their food in real-time. This might be true, but such foods are often shabbily prepared, and a lot of hygiene bridges are crossed. 

Make your own food and get the best out of your meals. I’d recommend you do not cook your leafy greens too long. (Read: 5 High Fiber Foods for Healthy Gut)

5. Home-Made Food Often Tastes Better

This is because you make your own food for yourself, the way you like it. You can tweak recipes just how you want and prepare food to suit your taste. 

Bonus: preparing your own food can have a big impact on your mood. Trying out recipes is fun; you can try as many as you want. 

Homemade meals are more hygienic. They may taste better. And even more, they may contain more nutrients. 

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals.


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